Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wuv. Twu Wuv.

Our dear Natalie is growing up and this is her wedding announcement! What a doll, they are! Actually, our awesome Jessica made these. She is pretty much pro, not gonna lie!

Here is the Link for Jessica's Cards: http://publishedmemories.blogspot.com/
She has lots of other cards and her business is slowly growing! Check it out!

Back to Nat! Here are some of her engagements that the world deserves to see!

She is also a very good cake maker and is constantly getting more and more talented. Here are some examples of her cakes!

Here is her link for cake's: http://chandeliercakes.blogspot.com/

Choir Tour ツ and West Side Story

Hello world! I just got back from Choir Tour with my school about two weeks ago. We went to California and visited 2 beaches, Disneyland, some cool/random college there, and lots of other cool places in Southern California! It was amazing but I especially loved my bus! Everyone on there was my friend and we just had such a fun time!!

I have also been helping with my school's production of West Side Story! My given tital was Technical Assistant but I did a lot of random, cool stuff! It was a really good experience for me to learn the backstage stuff and watch what was going on off of the stage. But I am also in some One Acts right now. Julius Caesar and The Lottery. We Perform on May 4th and 5th and it should be really fun..... :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hellooooo Blogging Community!

This is your truly, Michelle Corinne Perry. The voice of the Perry/Soto household. There are.... 12 (??) members of the family and I would like to introduce them to you a little bit!

Ronald Douglas Perry
Papa Perry is a seminary teacher at American Fork High School in our hometown and is probably the best teacher there. He is an avid watcher of the AF Baseball Team and is constantly doing everything for everyone! We luf dad!

Annette Perry
Mama Perry is currently working at American Fork Jr. High School, just helping out with the resource kids. She is an everyday wonder woman and honestly don't know what we would do with out her.

Jeffrey and Stacy Soto
The oldest of the family is attending University of Utah because he is studying to be some medical guy. I'm not sure what... but it's something technical and cool! I will let everyone know when it's not 12 o'clock at night! Stacy is expecting a little girl in early July and she is showing more and more every time we get to see them!

Natalie Ann Soto
Our sweet, sweet Natalie is a Wedding Cake Lady at a reception house called North Hampton and is pretty much pro. She is also... engaged!! To the best guy named Kyle Peterson! They are getting married in the temple on May 23!

Robbie and Jessica Schaack
Jess and Robbie are living in Orem while Robbie is a Pre-Dental student. They are hoping to move somewhere out of Utah in about a year for Dental School. They are really excited but love there life where it is at right now. Married life is definitely for them!

Katie and Amanda Soto
Our two heavenly souls! They make my life a little bit better everyday by the way they just make you laugh! They are always having fun if it's watching Disney Channel, doing art, or performing for anybody, they can make you smile!

Jacob Duane Perry
Jake Man is off serving a mission for the church in the Johannesburg, South Africa Mission! He left February 17 and went straight to the MTC over there. He is now in the field in an area called.... (I will tell you later) with a really great companion! We are so happy and proud of Jake. He is the best!

Michelle Corinne Perry
Right now, Michelle is a sophomore at American Fork High School. She loves being in High School and is involved in the drama, choir, and Frisbee programs there. Last semester she also got her very first 4.0 and is really happy that she gets to experience High School life to the fullest!

Madeline Dee Perry
The youngest of the bunch, she is our most interesting! She is in sixth grade at Legacy Elementary and is already a little star. She excels in running, singing, art, and just playing around. She is seen outside with the neighborhood kids all the time and is our little monkey child!

YES! That is 12! Well thanks for reading and I can't wait to keep a regular update on our lives... There is already so much going on, can't wait to share it with whoever is reading this! ;)